a nap, 2023

“A Nap”, a musical performance, 2023, duration: 45 min.
Video documentation, January, 2023

This event features the electronic music artist Ellen King (ELLLL), Vilnius University Women’s Choir VIRGO, and the contemporary visual artist Kristina Inčiūraitė.

Kristina Inčiūraitė, the mastermind behind this project, presents a musical performance inspired by the subtleties of nature. The artist envelopes one part of the choir inside the green, cocoon-like hammocks. According to the artist, these dangling hammocks can be interpreted as one of the stages of a butterfly’s cycle of life – the ‘pupa’ is suspended underneath twigs, the flying insect forming inside. 

Like in his previous projects, Kristina Inčiūraitė has continued his collaboration with various musicians, highlighting their contributions and the active role of each choir member. These singers independently select songs for the programme. Juxtaposing the world of a developing butterfly with that of a growing child, the vocalists perform one after another individually selected lullabies in these green cocoons. These tender songs are either heard from within the cradle, or recollected from TV screens showing that a mediated reality also becomes a part of our individual and collective memory. The repertoire includes a lullaby selected and collectively performed by the choir, and the talented Irish composer and performer Ellen King (ELLLL) flows into the hypnotic ocean of melodies sung by the choir. Her experimental electronic music unites these lullabies in a way that brings conceptual richness and musicality to this performance.

Photographs by Evgenia Levin