orchestra of holes, 2018


“Orchestra of Holes”, 2018, musical performance
duration: 35 min., foam rubber, neon light tubes, video

Kristina Inčiūraitė in collaboration with the students of Vilnius art and music schools, present the musical performance “Orchestra of Holes” (duration: 35 min).
Video documentation, March, 2018

What sounds are produced by the ghostly buildings looming over the city’s busy streets? The students are fascinated by the abandoned buildings in the central part of Vilnius, among which the Vilnius Palace of Concerts and Sports (1971) stands out. In the project, the graffiti on this building are transformed into roll captions of words in the video projection, thus generating a new narrative about the city and its residents – “urban tracers”, mentioned in one of the tags on the building. The architectural elements of this abandoned palace – the “conductors” between the inside and the outside, i.e. windows or holes – in the project turn into three-dimensional objects, among which the members of the music school jazz band are accommodated.

Using their imagination, the young musicians create a pulsating musical improvisation. This collaborative art and music project is a kind of unending creative experiment, and “non-hierarchized” music, when all participants become creators, is a subtle reanimation of the “run-down” place in the city.

Photographs by Evgenia Levin