the resort, 2007-2008


“The Resort”(I), 2007, series of photographs 
10 pieces: colour photographs, 38 x 25 cm

The photographs document the abandoned places of the largest and most popular Lithuanian resort of Druskininkai: the burned-down “Voveraitė” cinema theatre, the Karolis Dineika recreation park and the kitchen premises of the “Nemunas” sanatorium. These places are evocative symbols of mismanagement – once popular sights that have become a kind of hell set against the beautiful background of the resort. This project seeks to draw attention to the inadequacy of commercial real estate developers in the face of social architecture. These sites are like socio-ecological ‘black spots’ in the Druskininkai environment.

“The Resort “(II), 2008, graphics 
1 piece: graphics, 100 x 70 cm, paper, wax, ink and gouache

While creating this project, the artist wanted to collect other people’s opinions about the future of this resort. She thought it might be interesting to talk with long-term patients. Inciuraite chose one of the largest and most important children’s treatment centres – “Saulutė” sanatorium – and asked the children undergoing treatment in this sanatorium to write down their wishes for this city and try to picture what Druskininkai will be like ten years later. Afterwards, by using the grattage technique popular among children, these notes were covered with wax and a mixture of black ink and gouache. The children’s greetings became illegible as a secret…